Sarcheshmeh Tube Privacy Policy

Sarcheshmeh Tube's Policy:

Sarcheshmeh Tube is an awareness raising and nonprofit project which is primarily designed for all those countries in which access to the internet is limited.

Sarcheshmeh Tube is collecting its information by various methods from Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Soundcloud. Sarcheshmeh Tube also receives information via its customers.

The countries in which youtube, Facebook, Vimeo and SoundCloud are banned such as Iran and China; it is not possible to use the "embeded" videos/audios because heavy filtering would not allow the display of "embeded" content. Therefore Sarcheshmeh Tube has to import the videos/audios directly from their sources.

Sarcheshmeh Tube abides by video/audio right legislation for the collection, use and disclosure of various videos/audios. If one finds that their copyright video/audio is being displayed while it shouldn't have been; Sarcheshmeh Tube will remove their video/audio upon their request.

Please contact Sarcheshmeh Tube via:
You may send your request to: +1(619)880-3337 as well.

The income from the ads can only cover a small part of the expenses; therefore Sarcheshmeh Tube accepts direct advertisements and donations.

Sarcheshmeh Tube is a non profit awareness raising project. To help us please donate.